Ability or Disability? That’s The Question

Well first before the question “Ability or Disability?” is answered we need to know the definition of the two words:

Ability : possession of the qualities to do something; necessary skill, competence, or power: the ability to cope with a problem

Disability: the condition of being unable to perform a task or function because of a physical or mental impairment; lack of necessary intelligence, strength, ect

Don’t you think it’s ironic ability means able to cope with a problem when really the ones coping with a problem are the ones that you say have a disability. Cause actually if you go by the definition of the two words then by definition I should not be able to write this very blog I’m doing right now. Because now I have the possession  of the qualities to do something and have the necessary skill. So how can I be both disabled and still have ability to do this blog? Disability doesn’t even come close to describing this; and if you have ability how exactly are you coping with a problem. I just think it’s just not the right word to use; you see soldiers coming home losing their legs or arms and now you call them disabled when actually they have ability by definition coping with a problem. Yeah they don’t have the strength or power you think they need to have but they have a strength and power in a different kind of way it’s not a physical strength but an emotional strength you can’t get unless you have been through a disability either your born with or happens later in life like a soldier or some terrible disease. So is it really a disability or do you think it’s ability? What do you think,what’s your view on the two words?


Hunting Trip 2011

So me and my dad got up at 3:30am on January 6th to go hunting with this group USSA. We got to Clinton, La at 5:00 and I think got out to Beech Grove Plantation about 5:30 or 6:00 and stayed out till around 9:00 or 9:30am we did not see anything but a rabbit hopping around in the bushes and a crow and some beautiful red birds. So we left there to go warm up and eat. Then we went back out at around 3:30 in the afternoon till it got dark and saw lots of deer there were about 25 deer we could count, it was so awesome seeing all those deer in one place, there were 2 deer that came like 10 or 15 yards in front of us. I was amazed that the deer did not hear us cause my vent makes some noise. And we were running out of daylight it was amazing a deer came in site with minutes of daylight left so took the gun off safety and sucked on this straw thing to pull the trigger and then KABOOM…. the gun goes off…. ears ringing for like a few seconds. For a while we did not know if I hit the deer or not. By this time, it had turned dark and they had to try to find the deer in the dark, after about 5 or ten minutes later they found the deer and I had shot the deer from 150 yards away. Hey I just realized I almost wrote a book. Lol. But it was a great time got to meet some new people going through some of the same type of challenges I go through every day. Which is really cool cause you learn some new tricks that they use to make their life a little easier that I would have never thought of. Well that was long.haha


Gun Mount for Wheelchair

The second thing you need to get to go hunting is a gun mount, there is a company called Be Adaptive Equipment LLC that make gun mounts that can handle rifles, shotguns, pistols, and crossbows. If you have no arm or hand movements they have a mount called HQ100 it’s controlled with a joystick that you can use with your chin and mouth. To shoot there is a power trigger called TM100 operated with a sip on a blue tube. If you can not sip there is a power trigger called BT100 operated with a bite. This model is for rifles and shotguns. The HQPM is for pistols and it goes on the HQ100 and is controlled the same way. Here is a video of a guy shooting an AR-15 22LR using the HQ100 gun mount.

Action Trackchair

Well since it is almost fall I’m going to tell you about different accessible ways to go hunting and fishing. First thing you need are some wheels not just any wheelchair will work you need an off-road wheelchair so you can go in the woods and other places you need to go to hunt or fish. The chair you need is the Action Trackchair it can go in mud, sand, go over rocks, and logs all the things you run into in the woods around a pond or lake. Here is a video of the Action Trackchair. Next thing you need is a gun mount I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

Power Hockey

Those of you in wheelchairs have you ever seen hockey on tv and said hey I would like to try that. Well you can it’s called Power Hockey played in your electric wheelchair, and has pretty much the same rules as in regular hockey except you have 5 players on the floor and in the NHL there are 6 players on the floor or ice. In power hockey there are 3 levels of players which are based on the amount of strength you have in your arms but all 3 levels of players can play on the same team. The first 2 levels are those that can hold the hockey stick and the third level are those that need the hockey stick taped or mounted to their chair. There is an association called (U.S.EWHA) which means U.S. Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association it is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 corporation, and member of Disabled Sports USA.


Most people that know me best know I’m unable to use my arms and hands like everybody else can. Which makes it very hard to use a computer but I’m going to tell you about how I use a computer. I use this device that attaches to my computer monitor, it’s kind of like a webcam, you wear a reflective dot that you put on your forehead or glasses, then you move your head and the cam picks up the reflective dot and that’s how I control the computer. What I have found that works best is to have the reflective dot on the end of a baseball cap, what I do is put the dot on a flat thumb tack and push it into the bill of the cap right in front of the bill and in the middle. The name of the one I use is called SmartNav 3 it works very good with Windows XP, there is a new one called  SmartNav 4 that works with XP, VISTA, and Windows 7 and if you have a Mac computer you have order some more software. If you buy one and use a Mac just ask them about it and they tell you about the Mac software but if you have a Windows computer don’t worry about asking about software cause it comes with the device.Here is the link SmartNav and I’ll put it on my Links section. They have two kinds of SmartNav 4’s SmartNav 4:AT which is $499 and the SmartNav 4:EG is $399. This is the cheapest thing I have found that works great.

Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham

Back on August 26, 2010 in Woodward,PA at 8:29 PM this guy named Aaron who they call Wheelz landed the first double back flip in a wheelchair.He tried it a few times and did not make it he had broke his axle on his wheelchair and had to get some parts to fix it. So after he got the parts and fixed it, He tried a couple more times and did not make it but his friends told him come on stop and he said let me try one more time and his friends kept saying to stop. So he went this one more time and he landed the first double back flip in a wheelchair. Everybody went crazy cheering and congratulating him for what he just did. So don’t give up on your dreams just cause your in a wheelchair, cause you see Aaron did not give up even when people were saying stop you can’t do it. So never stop trying even if it gets hard and don’t think its impossible to keep going. There are so many things around this world that people said is impossible like flying and everybody can fly any where in the world now.So just keep “Rollin with the Punches” and you can conquer any dream you reach for and maybe do more than you ever imagined possible.