Ability or Disability? That’s The Question

Well first before the question “Ability or Disability?” is answered we need to know the definition of the two words:

Ability : possession of the qualities to do something; necessary skill, competence, or power: the ability to cope with a problem

Disability: the condition of being unable to perform a task or function because of a physical or mental impairment; lack of necessary intelligence, strength, ect

Don’t you think it’s ironic ability means able to cope with a problem when really the ones coping with a problem are the ones that you say have a disability. Cause actually if you go by the definition of the two words then by definition I should not be able to write this very blog I’m doing right now. Because now I have the possession  of the qualities to do something and have the necessary skill. So how can I be both disabled and still have ability to do this blog? Disability doesn’t even come close to describing this; and if you have ability how exactly are you coping with a problem. I just think it’s just not the right word to use; you see soldiers coming home losing their legs or arms and now you call them disabled when actually they have ability by definition coping with a problem. Yeah they don’t have the strength or power you think they need to have but they have a strength and power in a different kind of way it’s not a physical strength but an emotional strength you can’t get unless you have been through a disability either your born with or happens later in life like a soldier or some terrible disease. So is it really a disability or do you think it’s ability? What do you think,what’s your view on the two words?


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