Power Hockey

Those of you in wheelchairs have you ever seen hockey on tv and said hey I would like to try that. Well you can it’s called Power Hockey played in your electric wheelchair, and has pretty much the same rules as in regular hockey except you have 5 players on the floor and in the NHL there are 6 players on the floor or ice. In power hockey there are 3 levels of players which are based on the amount of strength you have in your arms but all 3 levels of players can play on the same team. The first 2 levels are those that can hold the hockey stick and the third level are those that need the hockey stick taped or mounted to their chair. There is an association called (U.S.EWHA) which means U.S. Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association it is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 corporation, and member of Disabled Sports USA.


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