Most people that know me best know I’m unable to use my arms and hands like everybody else can. Which makes it very hard to use a computer but I’m going to tell you about how I use a computer. I use this device that attaches to my computer monitor, it’s kind of like a webcam, you wear a reflective dot that you put on your forehead or glasses, then you move your head and the cam picks up the reflective dot and that’s how I control the computer. What I have found that works best is to have the reflective dot on the end of a baseball cap, what I do is put the dot on a flat thumb tack and push it into the bill of the cap right in front of the bill and in the middle. The name of the one I use is called SmartNav 3 it works very good with Windows XP, there is a new one called  SmartNav 4 that works with XP, VISTA, and Windows 7 and if you have a Mac computer you have order some more software. If you buy one and use a Mac just ask them about it and they tell you about the Mac software but if you have a Windows computer don’t worry about asking about software cause it comes with the device.Here is the link SmartNav and I’ll put it on my Links section. They have two kinds of SmartNav 4’s SmartNav 4:AT which is $499 and the SmartNav 4:EG is $399. This is the cheapest thing I have found that works great.


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