Wheelchair Motorcycle?

My next couple of post are going to be on different vehicles us people in wheelchairs can use. Let’s just say your not limited to just a minivan. When I was in Houston I heard about a guy that’s a paraplegic and he said he did not want to drive a minivan because he did not want to look like a soccer mom. So that is where I got the idea to write about different kinds of vehicles. So the first one is going to be on the Conquest Motorcycle, there are lots of people out there that think just because your in a wheelchair you can’t do everything everybody else can that walk. That just isn’t true cause these next post are going to show you things that most would say is impossible to do if your in a wheelchair. Now I’m going to show you a video of this motorcycle in action and I’m going to put a link in my links section if you want to know even more about this awesome motorcycle.


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